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Weekend Hifdh Programme

Instructor: Hafiz Ahmad Tahir
Course Format: 2 day a week – Sat-Sun – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Fee: £25.00
Age: 8-18 + (males & females)
Capacity: Limited (based on first come first serve)
Status of Registration: Open
Venue: Al-Hira Centre, 1-7 Beechwood Road, Luton, LU4 8RR

Features of the Hifz course:

  • Limited class size of 12 students
  • Broader comprehensive Islamic Studies and Arabic curriculum
  • Dedicated Quran Knowledge classes that are complementary to the study of Hifz
  • Supported learning and a mentoring with memorisation skills training sessions.
  • Additional out of hours learning support program via Personal visits and online platforms.

Due to the challenging nature of the regime that studying Hifz demands it is important that students, parents and teachers are all satisfied and confident that it can be adhered to successfully. It is for this reason that we have a fairly rigorous admission procedure as listed below.

Admission Procedure:

  • Initial application
  • Interview
  • Admission test
    • Recitation aptitude test
    • Non-controlled memorisation trial
    • Controlled Memorisation workshop and test
  • Induction for parents and students
  • Probation period

Oour Hifz course remains a multi-featured development process that facilitates the study of classical Hifz-Ul-Qur’an and its principles.

The course really is the complete package and ensures not only swift and correct memorization of the Qur’an but mainly a strong Manzil (keeping solid memory of the portions of Qur’an already memorized), this is paramount within our course.

The course is also designed to enhance ones character and mainly discipline merely from the fact that the Qur’an requires such dedication and effort. The students are always nurtured well and constantly reminded of the great task they have embarked on and are in receipt of one to one support throughout their entire journey.  They are strongly encouraged to be connected with Qur’an and to keep practice through the performance of Nawaafil (Voluntary) prayers.

We organize each year for students to lead Taraweeh prayers locally regionally and for the last 5 years, internationally! Alhamdu Lillah (thanking God).

How Does It All Work?

Students enroll into the Hifz course upon passing a Qur’an reading test which is designed to test a child’s fluency and pronunciation of letters when reading the Qur’an. They then are introduced to the system of structure of Hifz:


This is the preservation and revision of the Quran already memorized by a student. It is required as the first lesson in every class. Students usually read half a Juzz (One of the thirty portions of the Qur’an) or more everyday as Manzil with an average of a few mistakes allowed before the child is required to resubmit the task again for that day. Everyday the child will read a different Manzil cycling the complete amount he/she has memorized. This is the backbone of a child’s Hifz.


This is the revision of the entire previous Juzz a child is learning at a time. This is read everyday as studies have shown that the most recent lessons in Qur’anic memory are the easiest to forget as it is freshly parked into the brain, therefore students are required to submit Sabaqi of ¾ up to 1¼ juzz everyday with little mistakes allowed.


This is the latest lessons learnt by the student which will add to how much of the course is completed. Students are usually required to submit a minimum of one page a day or more.


These are the three basic tasks a student must submit to the teacher each day. The use of this structure ensures that a student will not only memorize well and fast but will primarily maintain the strong recollection of what he has already memorized.

Based on an average student who attends regularly and maintains the completion of all his/her task at all times can complete the memorization of the holy Qur’an in around 3 years.

Once a student passes the required age, part of his development will be that he must lead Taraweeh (Ramadhan Prayers) for the amount of Juzz that he has memorized. This will ensure the enhancement of his memory, confidence and most importantly his strive and love for the Qur’an.

If you would like to register your interest please complete the application form below.