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Weekend Madrassa

At the Al Hira Weekend Madrasah School, we endeavour to benefit not just those in the present but also those in the future…


Our aim is to educate and prepare the younger generation of this Ummah through knowledge, wisdom, good morals and manners using successful methods existing in the Qur’an & Sunnah.


By educating our young Muslims, we will be moulding the future generations in the UK, who by the permission of Allaah, will become model British citizens and beacons of light in the wider society.


Al Hira Weekend School provides structured learning for boys and girls aged 5-16. In order to create an atmosphere of correct Islamic morals and etiquettes, our classes are taught in gender appropriate environments.


Recognising that Islam is a holistic way of life, our students will be studying Qur’an with Tajweed, Islamic Studies &  Memorisation. The Weekend Madrassah students are given regular training of delivering speeches, Nasheeds, Naa’ts & an Islamic Quiz.Through teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, we aspire to nurture our Muslim community in the UK to espouse sound Islamic principles. This is done by promoting British and cohesive Islamic values to harbour good community relations such as respect, tolerance, justice and the elimination of bigotry.




Al Hira Weekend School teachers are qualified and fluent in English. They have been carefully selected for their knowledge, presentation skills, experience in working with children, their Adaab & Akhlaaq. Our classes are taught by male teachers for boys and female teachers for girls.


We follow a DBS policy, so you can rest assured all of our tutors are fully checked and have no history of criminal conduct.


Study Structure:


3 hours study time


Qur’an with Tajweed: 1 Hour


Islamic Studies: 30 Minutes


Memorisation: 1 Hour


Activity: 30 Minutes


To register your child please contact us on 01582 848529 or 07723387582.


Download: Preliminary-Admission-Form-for-Weekend-School

Download: Parents Handbook – Weekend School