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Our History


At the heart of this venture was preserving and understanding the message of God as conveyed by the beloved Prophet Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم), While education and spirituality remain its core ethos, the Educational and Cultural Centre has realised the potential of building dynamic and confident communities that can express their faith and knowledge in a manner that is meaningful, productive and constructive in a modern British context.


The founders of the Educational and Cultural Centre understood that access to education is instrumental in improving communities and tackling poverty. This key principle remains at the very heart of their mission.



Our Vision

  1. 1. Establish innovative centres of classical and modern Islamic learning.
  2. 2. Promote traditional and contemporary Islamic intellectual thought.
  3. 3. Institute the study of Islamic scripture and make accessible its historical legacy.
  4. 4. Set up training centres for Imams and specialist teachers.
  5. 5. Inspire moral and spiritual development universally.
  6. 6. Enthuse the new generation of teachers and volunteers to serve the Ummah compassionately and innovatively.
  7. 7. Instill a sense of self-worth, pride and dignity among Muslims.
  8. 8. Present an accurate, truly balanced and positive image of Islam to non-Muslims.
  9. 9. Provide educational opportunities for all including the underprivileged and the disadvantaged.



Our Philosophy

The Educational Centre is dedicated to serving communities by offering spiritual solace through the teachings and practices of classical Sufi Islam.The Educational and Cultural Centre aspires to transform hearts and minds through Da’wah – an invitation to Islam – within a framework of religion-spiritual principles including multifaith dialogue and upholding universal humanitarian values.
It champions inclusivity and equality of opportunity for all and is specifically committed to reaching those who struggle to access learning and educational opportunities. Through education, the Educational and Cultural Centre endeavors to build and strengthen ties, community engagement and promote partnerships with the diverse communities in mainstream British society.